About Me

Me and Elliott.

My name is Carleigh, and I live just outside San Antonio, TX with my husband and two little boys.  When I’m not crafting delicious bath and body products, I’m proofreading depositions for court reporters.  It’s a fun and interesting job.  On a good day, I’m also the brains and the brawn behind Ellison’s Organics.  I make a wide variety of all-natural and organic health and beauty products to pamper, cleanse and care for you and your family.

I started making all natural/organic baby soap to clean my two boys – Elliott (5.5) and Harrison (3) – after realizing that there just wasn’t an affordable option for safe, organic bath products for kids.  I had become wary of the chemicals used in baby products, and have realized thast there is no need for nasty chemicals in beauty products! There are so many wonderful natural, organic ingredients that are nourishing, healing and pampering to our skin and bodies.

Our skin is our largest organ, and much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream.  I don’t want to put junk into my bloodstream, and I especially don’t want to put it into my babies’.  As a Mama, I want to protect them for as long as I can, and I think that includes protecting them from unnecessary chemicals.  I’d better step off my organically made, ethically sourced soapbox before I really get going!

So there’s a little bit about why Ellison’s Organics got started.  From there, I branched out from baby soap into a lot of other fun products for kids, moms and dads!  My newest obsession is naturally colored nail polish. Take a peek here!


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